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Slim Spurling: a scientist and researcher with heart and soul

Slim Spurling was born 1938 in Aberdeen, South Dakota. In 1944 he moved with his parents to Colorado. As a child he loved the land and the forest, fishing and hunting, and working in the fields. His family also lived in harmony with nature. After two years as a naval officer, he completed a bachelor's degree in natural sciences at Colorado State University, majoring in forestry, botany with mycology (the study of mushrooms) and chemistry.

Slim Spurling’s career after he left university

The academic world did not live up to Slim’s personal ideas of life and his ethics, so he refused his scholarship and diploma. He then devoted himself to blacksmithing for the next 20 years. As he once said, “It was an ingenious experience in alchemy, which is nothing but an early form of working with the four elements: earth, air, fire and water.” He forged beautiful and useful works of art during this time.

Dowsing – a new vocation?

Several years later, while running a successful blacksmithing school, he had his first experiences with alchemy. Years later, with his good friend Bill Reid, he began exploring the intricacies of alchemy and metaphysics. Slim had first become acquainted with dowsing as a young boy. His parents hired a dowser to find an appropriate location for a well. The dowser let Slim hold one end of the rod and he felt it move as they found water. Many years later he remembered the experience and learned how to dowse. He and his partner Bill Reid used this knowledge to find geopathic interference zones. Slim found a simple way to block those zones, or lines. He traveled across North America, Mexico and South America, and also to Europe and South Africa, using dowsing to locate and block water veins and other geopathic interference zones, and the Hartmann Grid. Teaching this method and applying the Light-Life tools was one of the foundations of his workshops.

An impressive experience that strengthened his career

One day, when Slim was still living in Northern Colorado, a terrible winter storm was predicted. The radio reporters advised farmers to bring their livestock into the barns as fast as possible. Slim was still working outside on the ranch when he noticed a strange gray sky. So he used his gift of moving energy and directed it against the storm. It helped the storm dissipate by the end of the day.

From that day on, Slim and Bill Reid took a closer look at the true world. Above all, they experimented with the detection and blocking of geopathic stress zones. Some thought that Slim's special talent for dowsing had little to do with his later inventions, but it is precisely the preoccupation with this topic and above all his fine sense for physical and metaphysical energies, which led to the development of Light-Life Tools in the 90s.

Shortly thereafter, Slim became very ill. He was convinced that his newly created Light-Life rings saved his life. His illness and the positive effects of his tools inspired him to continue and create even more.

Today, his "tools", the brilliant discoveries, are known worldwide under the name Light-Life Tools. Above all, they help many people to clean the environment and improve our quality of life.

How did the story with this gifted dowser continue?

The detection of fault zones, or negative energies, was a major focus of Slim’s work and research. He firmly believed that geopathic stress is the root of all suffering.

Dabei spielt es keine Rolle, ob es sich um ein körperliches, emotionales, seelisches oder spirituelles Leiden handelt. Als Slim 1997 seinen ersten Workshop in München gab, hat er Katharina Kaffl kennengelernt. Woraufhin sie sich im Jahr 2001 das Ja-Wort gaben. Von da an nutzten sie gemeinsam ihre Fähigkeiten - seinen ideenreichen Genie und ihre Art, Dinge anzupacken - um die Light-Life Tools in der ganzen Welt bekannt zu machen. Während der gemeinsamen Zeit sind über achtzig neue Tools entstanden.

After Slim left this world in 2007, Katharina carried on the work they started together. Piece by piece and with each tool, she has continued to spread more harmony and positive life energy around the world.

You can find out more about the individual Light-Life Tools and their benefits for personal harmony in our newsletters. Would you like to know which three tools Slim never left his house without? Then take a closer look at Slim Spurling's Tool Kit.