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Reducing stress – don’t we all want that?

Reducing Stress – everyone tries in it their own way to get back to a state of relaxation and balance. But everyday life persistently challenges everyone’s determination to stay stress-free. It would be nice to always get new inspiration for relaxation. In short reports we would like to share with you how users of our tools manage to reduce mental, emotional and social stress.

Why is reducing Stress so important?

More and more people understand that the body and soul are directly connected. People who are constantly under stress state that they suffer often from colds, whereas people who are in tune with themselves and their lives state that they are hardly ever sick.

When we talk about stress we are not only referring to work-related stress. Constant fears or worries also weaken the body and make it more susceptible to illness. However, when you can reduce the stress overload, you can activate your self-healing power and may not catch even one more virus. It could be said that people who create harmony and balance between work and leisure can build a shield against disease and sickness.

Relaxation tips for everyday life

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could design our lives to be content, optimistic and balanced every single day? Is it really possible that positive thinking makes us feel that our life is already easier and gives us more positive energy?

In fact, everyone can work towards this. As a result, the body will produce fewer stress hormones and may be more inclined to release happiness hormones.

True to the motto: "Faith moves mountains!" We can also influence bodily processes to a certain extent through a positive inner life

Unfortunately, this isn’t always easy. Most people can’t immediately switch a lever in their head so that they think only positive thoughts and become more resistant to stress.

However, small changes in our daily lives can help the switch to positivity. Some rely on regular yoga training early in the morning after getting up; others use exercise as their a first-choice to leave the stress behind. Still others rely on the harmonizing effect of our Lotus Pendant, which can help us to stay surrounded by positive energy, not letting negative forces in at all. Make sure you are signed up for our newsletter and you’ll to get monthly inspirations on the applications of our Light-Life Tools.

We often have no influence on the events that occur in our lives. However, we do have a choice how to respond.