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The consciousness of man - the eternal riddle?

The consciousness of man is an essential and intriguing characteristic. We often ask ourselves “Who am I really?” or,” How do I appear to others?” How does our own ego really work? This is a very fascinating topic.

But what exactly is the consciousness of man?

This question is not easily answered. It has been argued by neuroscientists, cognitive scientists and philosophers for centuries.

Conscious processes take place in the mind. They are only perceived by those who experience them. For example, what one feels when it snows outside? Conscious processes definitely have a subjective character. Neuroscientists can now explain a great deal about the complexities of the human brain and how it works and functions. But it is still not clear what happens inside the human mind. For example, an athlete can visualize a specific movement or action that it works better during training, although not a single muscle has moved.

There are also situations in which people imitate others without consciously doing so, just because they find them sympathetic.

The consciousness of the human being - the subconscious becomes fascinating ...

As an adult, we sometimes use skills that we do not even know we possess. We win friends without knowing how. We subconsciously communicate with others in a certain way. This is human intuition coming into play.

How is it that the human personality evolves so differently over the course of a lifetime? One person learns to listen to her subconscious and changes for the better and looks at life from a different perspective than others. The journey through human consciousness, the human mind, can often be incredibly diverse, enlightened, and ingenious.

Often one looks at things differently over time and has a better awareness. The different awareness leaves room for the subjective and individual experience of man. These feelings cannot be studied objectively and are not scientifically accredited.

The consciousness of man - everyone experiences it differently!

Have you ever asked your friends what a sunrise or an emotional piano sonata feels like? You will not get consistent answers to these questions. Because one person will feel a chill when he is happy, another person could cry, and yet another will be speechless. Emotions are wide-ranging and there is not one uniform answer. Everyone will have a completely different experience which they associate with certain situations.

Such experiences that something feels different or better have also been sensed by people using our Light-Life Tools. A person who is unaware of how the tools work suddenly feels better while using one of our Light-Life Rings. Why not try it and associate it with a positive feeling?

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