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The Harmful Effects of 5G

What is 5G Technology and why is it important to educate yourself about it?

5G refers to the 5th generation technology for broadband cellular networks. Often people think the G stands for gigahertz, but that is not accurate. Cellular companies began introducing 5G technology to replace the 4G. 5G is a special type of high-density information broadcasting that uses microwave frequencies. A significant difference is that 5G is a much higher frequency and higher pulsation level technology. That means it will require many more transmitters/towers than we have right now. These signals are being bounced across multiple towers and we, our children, and all living beings will be bombarded and may be influenced by these frequencies everywhere: at home, at work, all public places, and in your car.

What are the harmful effects of 5G Technology?

Scientific studies done in the 40s and 50s showed that microwaves, which are used in 5G, could be employed as weapons as they can alter the behavior of all live forms: plants, animals, insects, microbes, and, of course, humans. We have learned that retired military staff has testified that they had been using microwave frequencies during World War II to target special groups.
Doctors, biologists, physicists, public office officials, military experts, human rights activists all over the world raise concerns about the safety of 5G.

They agree that there is a spectrum of conditions 5G can cause including, but not limited to:

  • Nervous system and brain disorders like learning and memory deficit, dementia, etc.
  • Oxidative stress and free radical damage, which have central roles in essentially all chronic diseases.
  • Structural and functional changes of the reproductive system, such as lower male and female fertility, lower sex hormones, lower libido and attack the DNA in sperm cells.
  • Cellular stress and degradation, genetic damages.
  • Negative effect on our microbiome and microbial DNA. Microwaves interfere with the DNA’s ability to transmit and retain bio-signals. And knowing that our DNA is more than 90% microbial, that means that these microwaves impair our whole operating system.
  • The young developing brains of our children are even more susceptible to this danger.

Rules and Regulations of 5G

There were no studies conducted by the cell/internet companies that would conclude that 5G Technology is safe for the public. However, there were numerous reports, conducted by independent researchers, indicating that these frequencies cause DNA damage. Most of them were rejected by the cell industry companies and their authors were encouraged not to publish those studies.
The rollout of 5G Technology is regulated by the Federal Communication Commission, however instead of "regulating" the industry the agency seems to lobby and protect the interests of the Telecom giants, providing misleading information to the public. FCC health guidelines were developed more than 30 years ago and no specialists from the biomedical field were included in that process.

Here are some questions we would like you to ask yourself:

  • Are our health and the health of our planet not worth to be protected?
  • Do we want to allow technology to take over our life without it being properly researched?
  • Do we really want to have 5G towers on every corner and expose ourselves constantly to the harmful energies coming off them?
  • Are our health and the health of future generations not more important than faster internet speed?
  • Do we really need higher-speed internet than we have already?
Consider that we have more high-tech now than even the richest man in the world could have bought 20 years ago. When do we stop? When our planet is destroyed, and nature sacrificed for technology?

What does Light-Life Technology have to offer as a solution?

Of course, we were concerned about the coming 5G technology, and we have been working to find ways to reduce the harmful effects. We created several Harmonizers using the New Dimension version. Our research team found that our New Dimension Community Harmonizer has the largest coverage followed by our New Dimension Environmental Harmonizer Empowerment Cubit. The New Dimension Harmonizers do everything our standard Harmonizers do and in addition to that they seem to:

  • Pacify and smooth irritating energies created by 5G.
  • Balance our environment.
  • Enhance positive intentions.
  • Clean all kinds of environmental pollution and more.
For personal use, we have created the New Dimension Personal Harmonizers in Sacred and Lost Cubit as well as the combination in the Unity Personal Harmonizer. Here is what we’ve learned:
Sacred Cubit New Dimension Personal Harmonizer seems to support the integrity of the auric field, makes the aura more stable so that any responses to incoming frequency most likely be stopped before they come to the physical body.
Lost Cubit New Dimension Personal Harmonizer appears to transmute 5G energy and shift it into the usable energy of Mother Earth. As we learned, 5G is a 24/7 energy and creates an isolation from the Earth and our physical bodies. In a sense, this Harmonizer tends to absorb this energy to support Mother Earth instead of isolating it. It seems to focus on the transmutation and grounding of the 5G.
Unity New Dimension Personal Harmonizer will give us the most support overall because it combines the attributes of the Sacred and the Lost New Dimension Personal Harmonizer. It is similar to orgone energy. It seems to balance the vertical energy that creates the chakras and may transmute the 5G energy to a certain degree.