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How it all started...

Slim Spurling's Light-Life Technology is based on the development of the first Light-Life Tools that were created in the early 90s. It was Slim Spurling’s biggest concern to explore a method for eliminating the huge amount of air pollution in Denver, Colorado. Denver was one of the cities with the greatest environmental impact in the US at the time.

With the development of his Light-Life Tools he seemed to have found the solution. In September 1997, he traveled from the USA to Bavaria, Germany to present the results of his research into environmental cleaning and the resulting improvement in our well-being in workshops. On this occasion he met and fell in love with Katharina Kaffl. They were united in their shared vision to work for the good of the people and the environment.

In 2001, Katharina moved to Colorado and married Slim Spurling. She became a collaborator in his creative world. In this ingenious combination of inventiveness and practical creativity, they jointly created more Light-Life Tools, whose worldwide distribution was decisively supported by the dedicated work of Katharina Spurling-Kaffl.

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Slim and Katharina on April 23, 1999